Thinking and voting as our Founding Fathers once did.


This book was written in order to demystify the history of politics and political parties in order to inform the general public on how the system was created and how we can start thinking on our own without the parties help. The book will detail why the Founding Fathers despised parties and tried their best NOT to include them in the Constitution or any other U.S. document. This book will outline the history of political parties and how they have changed dramatically since their conception. This book is essentially 3 books in one, outlining:

1) U.S. and Party History: The birth of political parties, from Europe to the American Colonies and general U.S. history.

2) Thinking Independently: How to think on your own and vote on your own without depending on the parties values and ideologies.

3) Future Elections: A new presidential election process is outlined which will only be run by the people, taking the power away from the parties, the way the Founding Fathers and the U.S. Constitution mandated.


Before researching and writing Independent Like Our Founding Fathers in 2011, like most people,
I had no idea where parties came from, why they exist, and who runs the entire political system. This type of political ignorance is what gives the parties power and leaves the rest of us looking to them for direction. It wasn’t until I finished this book that I realized that the people have had the power all along, but the parties do not want us to know that, since they lose power if we Americans gain knowledge. Knowing political history has empowered me more than I ever thought, which leads me to help empower everyone else!

This book will explain how political parties came into 
and will discuss the impact politics, political parties, and even religion has had on people abroad and in America. The last two chapters are about the voting process. One will detail the current voting process and the last chapter will outline a new voting process that leaves both parties out of the picture. After reading this book of only nonpartisan factual events and information, I’m certain most of my readers will develop a clearer view of the actual political history of this country. It will also become self-evident that the course and hopes that the Founding Fathers wanted for the United States have taken a detour for some time now.  This book will help aid most Americans to think on their own in a more modern, accepting, unbiased, unified, and independent way, just as our Founding Fathers once did. I hope you enjoy it and become as enlightened as I have become.