Our non-profit was set up with two goals in mind:

  1. To help people think in a more independent and critical manner
  2. To demistify politics and to show people that they can live and vote without the parties involvement

Independent and Critical Thinking

This site will provide historical facts that everyone should know in order to empower ourselves against everyone out there that is trying to manipulate us. This site will also help people learn to think more independently and critically which will enable us all to break free from people, groups, parties, and even some religions since we now know the honest truth in things. You will learn how to distinguish 'fake' news from real news, and how only six corporations own everything we see and read. We will describe other ways on how to learn, grow, and adapt from taking in facts instead of ignoring facts and keeping with your old and incorrect way of thinking.

The History of Political Parties and How We Can Live and Vote Without Them

Most Americans do not know basic US political history, so what this does is it keeps us looking toward politicians and parties for direction even though party members rarely know what they are doing or saying. This has caused a huge rift, not only with parties, but with each other. Our non-profit IndependentThinking.org is taking the ideals of the book Independent Like Our Founding Fathers and putting it into REAL action. We will be fighting to help open up Primary Elections throughout America, changing and restructuring current election laws in order to legally TAKE the entire electoral process from the parties, and GIVE it to the people, the way it was mandated in the US Constitution. We will maintain a team of attorneys to get the legalities done but we will also create fun and dynamic music videos, educational videos, special events and much more to make this a serious, yet fun endeavor for us all! JOIN US!!


Thinking and voting as our Founding Fathers once did.