The Independent Voting part of this non-profit will do three things:

  • It will explain US political and party history that will help us all demystify politics  and give insight on parties that they don't want us to know. By the end of reading materials and information on this site, you will know more party history than most politicians (and by reading the book Independent Like Our Founding Fathers as well). A lot of the facts and information from this site comes straight from the book. I feel that if you aren't able to afford buying something, doesn't mean that you still can't empower yourself! By empowering yourself, you will no longer be a victim or influenced by politicians, parties, and pretty much any other group or people.

  • It will keep people informed about being an independent voter and how we can live and vote without the parties. This non-profit will help push legislation in order to open up ALL primaries so that we can all participate, as the US Constitution mandated.

  • We will help create and/or push for new legislation that will help change the entire voting structure so that the people run it, and power is taken away from the parties.



(How parties began)


Did you know that the first political party in the US didn’t exist until 1791 (the Federalist Party)? Early US

political parties were more like small groups and factions of the élite, and not established parties. The only

established parties in the colonies were the Whig and Tory Parties from England. This means that since the

first English settlement at Jamestown in 1607, American existed without any political party systems of its own

for more than 184 years.

Even before the Declaration of Independence, the colonists voted for their leaders independently (without any party involvement); that means the colonists voted for the person they thought would do the best job (both locally and “nationally”) at that particular moment in time. This method included the election of the first president of the United States, George Washington, in 1789. Washington was also the first independent US president since he did not belong to a party. Although Washington agreed with some Federalist views, he stayed neutral and always retained his independent status.

There have been many political groups, factions, and parties in America, but to have permanently existing parties was never the intention of the Founding Fathers. They knew from England/UK history and their recent history in the American colonies with the Whigs/Tories that parties leave the people behind. This is why parties were never mentioned in the Constitution and why many of the Founding Fathers spoke openly against them. NONE of the parties are bound to this country or any of its documents, which means that they are replaceable or we can end them. Of course, both use scare tactics so that we will run to them for direction or security, but as we all know now, it's just so that they can remain in power. Those days are numbered now that Americans are taking things in their own hands and making political decision on their own without being directon on what to think (which is part of being an independent thinker)>

Definitions and
Which are open to ALL?

Thinking and voting as our Founding Fathers once did.