Thinking and voting as our Founding Fathers once did.

As mentioned in the Independent Voting section, the first political party in the US didn’t exist until 1791 (the Federalist Party)? Early US political parties were more like small groups and factions of the élite, and not established parties. The only established parties in the colonies were the Whig and Tory Parties from England. This means that since the first English settlement at Jamestown in 1607, American existed without any political party systems of its own for more than 184 years. Political groups and factions/sect first strarted during the drafting of the US Constitution, where some Founding Fathers were pro-government and financial sector while the others were pro-states rights.

Below is the breakout of the first parties until the Democrats and Republicans dominated and took contro. Timeline is belowl

  • The first 'partie's were groups: The Federalist group and the Anti-Federalist group
  • Then there were factions/sects: the Pro-Administration party and the Anti-Administration party
  • Then the first party began: The Federalist Party and the Democratic-Republican Party. Keep in mind that these weren't really established parties since the general public was pretty much excluded. They only included the colonial elite.
  • The above parties would eventually disslove into smaller temporaty parties and/or merge into the Democratic Party. Note that since parties generallly change their goals and values every thirty years, the Democratic Party was quite different back then. Back then it was pro-slavery, limited rights only to white males. However, the Republican Party (GOP) only had one purpose to its existence, and that was to eliminate slavery. So although they were a 'Party', they only had one goal. It wasn't until decades later where they decided to expand into an established party and took on other goals and initiatives.